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Inspired (notes) Marty Cagan

Beyond Agile/Lean Risks are tackled up front, rather than at the end. Products are defined and designed collaboratively, rather than sequentially. It’s all about solving problems, not implementing features Key Concepts Continuous Discovery and Delivery  Will the user buy this (or choose to use it)?  Can the user figure out how to use this?  Can Read more about Inspired (notes) Marty Cagan[…]

IT Transformation Principals (Part 1)

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of companies in the USA and Europe with their journey on catching up with technology and transforming their business, so they are able to achieve greatness and stay competitive. Within that time I realized that there are certain patterns in every engagement which Read more about IT Transformation Principals (Part 1)[…]

Best practices for securing the container life cycle

IT organizations are using container technology and DevOps processes to bring new-found agility to delivering applications that create business value. However, enterprise use requires strong security at every stage of the life cycle. Nothing is secure by default—security takes work. You need defense in depth. Red Hat delivers multiple layers of security controls throughout your Read more about Best practices for securing the container life cycle[…]

DELL N4032 / HP HP ProCurve Switch 2810 / Juniper SRX 300 cheat sheet

I started rebuilding my lab and wanted to document some of the architecture as well as commands used for the different networking devices I use at home. Dell vlans: Configure the vlan enable > configure vlan 10 configure interface vlan 10 ip address /24 exit Configure Trunk Port configure interface Te1/1/4 switchport mode trunk Read more about DELL N4032 / HP HP ProCurve Switch 2810 / Juniper SRX 300 cheat sheet[…]

Delete Dynamic Resource Object form CloudForms

If you are in the situation where you cannot delete a DRO from the UI you can go and delete it from the rails console. I had the following Dynamic Resource Object Definition:   As you can see I have 2 instances. How do you delete these instances? With both the API calls as well Read more about Delete Dynamic Resource Object form CloudForms[…]

CloudForms in AWS part 3

This will be the last part of the blog series but probably the most interesting one. When you launch a smartstate analysis you will see the following in you evm log files.

There are a few interesting parts here. What is the AgentCoordinator? The code can be found here: /opt/rh/cfme-gemset/bundler/gems/manageiq-providers-amazon-9620e26f4381/app/models/manageiq/providers/amazon/agent_coordinator.rb . Its out of scope Read more about CloudForms in AWS part 3[…]

CloudForms in AWS part 2

This part of the CloudForms in AWS blog series will walk you through how to make sure that CloudForms reaches its full potential in AWS. IMPORTANT: If you want SmartState analysis to work you need to register your AWS account with the cloud access program. Use the link below to enable cloud access: Once Read more about CloudForms in AWS part 2[…]

AWS Multi – AZ Ansible Tower Cluster backed by RDS and fronted by ALB

Ever wondered how you could run ansible tower in clustered mode across multiple AZ in AWS?  This post will describe how you can build the following architecture:   First, build 3 ec2 instances each in a different AZ’s. You should be more than ok with t2.large instance sizes. The subnets in the VPC can be private. Read more about AWS Multi – AZ Ansible Tower Cluster backed by RDS and fronted by ALB[…]

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